Embeded Hot-Wire

You'll never think twice about using unsightly free-hanging hot-wire again

When you get a glimpse of our revolutionary embedded design

Not only is EquiSafe fencing constructed from the safest materials in the world, HDPE (or high-density polyethylene), it is also equipt with the most revolutionary technologies fencing has seen in decades - this includes our patented embeded hot wire system.

EquiSafe fencing comes standard with our hot wire system embedded in every rail of our fence. This system not only protects the integrity of the fence, but it also serves its primary function flawlessly - which is to keep your horses happy and healthy within the safety of their EquiSafe® fencing. The embedded hot wire is the premier addition for curious and energetic horses. It allows horses to play and frollic in their pastures, paddocks, turnouts, etc., while remindung them where the boundaries are shuold they get curious - and we all know they are curious!

While keeping your horses safe, our award winning hot wire system does not take away from the beauty of the fence. There are no loose wires that can harm the horse, no rust or corrosion of any kind, and absolutely no added cost. Since this is a standard feature on all EquiSafe fencing, $8.50 per linear foot is all you pay for this extraordinary system. The embedded hot-wire can be run from ground wire, or as part of our continued efforts towards sustainability, we can also equipt your EquiSafe® fencing with our solar power system. Never again will you have to deal with high energy costs or loose wires. Our EquiSafe® products will ensure that your horses are secure, and your pocketbook stays full for years to come.