LED Lighting System

Light up the night with the ambiance your home truly deserves

Illuminate the night with our state of the art LED Lighting system. This upgraded feature provides additional security and ambiance to any facility. The lighting fixtures are available in white or black, and integrate seamlessly into your EquiSafe® fencing regardless of color. Our LED lighting syste use only 1-watt LED light bulbs, and will continue to illuminate for over 50,000 hours.

The system visually enhances the perimeter of your facility, and also provides the safety and security that is paramount for our EquiSafe® clients. With our exclusive system, the LED lights provide enhanced security for horses turned out at night, while simultaneously dissuading intruders from entering your property for fear of being seen. Between its aesthetic design, its unparalleled safety and hard-wiring features, and its EquiSafe is the ideal choice for securing your property and keeping your equines safe and contained.

While keeping your horses safe, our award winning molded electric hot wire design does not take away from the beauty of the fence. There are no loose wires that can harm a horse's legs, no rust or corrosion of any kind, and absolutely no added cost. Since this is a standard feature on all EquiSafe fencing, $7 per linear foot is all you pay for this extraordinary syste. The embedded hot-wire can be run from ground wire, or as part of our continued efforts towards sustainability, we can also equipt your EquiSafe® fencing with our solar power system. Never again will you have to deal with high energy costs or running wires. Our EquiSafe® products will ensure that your horses are secure, and your pocketbook stays full for years to come.