The smart solution to ease of use

Traditional fences have unsightly metal gates that interrupt the beautiful, seamless lines of the fence. Gates constructed of metal are also unforgiving and usually have spaces between the bars that are wide enough to entangle legs, heads and even the torso of smaller animals. Furthermore, these gates swing back into position and can hit the hind legs of a horse entering or exiting the paddock, which may spook or injure them. Aside from these physical hazards, swinging gates can also obstruct the already narrow lane in between paddocks, which creates a hazard for both horses and their caretakers.

Our forward thinking team at EquiSafe has come up with the solution. We utilize the same high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials used for the entire fence, to make a zero radius "sliding" gate, which alleviates many of the problems associated with the old options. This sliding capability allows EquiSafe gates to easily move in line with the fence. EquiSafe sliding gates also feature rounded end caps, instead of sharp edges that can hook a horse’s blanket or fly mask. Our gates are easily connected to the EquiSafe fence, and is secure. EquiSafe gates are offered in various dimensions ranging from 4ft for a single gate, to 12ft for our double sliding gates. If you prefer an older style swinging gate, EquiSafe can install these as well.