EquiSafe® is The Equestrian Fencing.

Never cracks, breaks or fades. Never Needs to be repainted.

Our 20-year warranty guarantees it.

"For more than 30 years, EquiSafe has been the leader in maintenance free equestrian safety fencing."

EquiSafe® is a stand alone equestrian safety fencing, that places the safety of the horse at the forefront of its design. Our patented embedded hot wire fencing comes with our one of a kind hot wire system embedded in each rail. Paired with our solar energizers, this system emits small pulsating bursts throughout every rail of the fence, which teaches the horse to respect the boundary, while simultaneously eliminating the unsightly presence of randomly hanging hot-wire. In the event of impact, our embedded hot-wire will break away with the rail, preventing the horse from becoming entangled in it. This system is one of a kind, and cannot be found anywhere else.

Additionally, each of our round rails comes standard with our patented “safety pin” release system. This round rail electirc safety system has been tested over thousands of hours, under preceise pressures to produce a perfect release point in the event of collision. This means that our fence is not only rigid enough to deflect impacts consistent with daily farm abuse, but in the event of a major collision, our pins will release to protect horses from broken bones, lacerations, etc. Not only does this system protect our horses, it protects our wallets as well.

EquiSafe® is a green company, which means all of our products are made from our trade secret, 100% recycled “EquiBlend” hdpe formula. Our fences are powered by solar powered energizers, but can be tied in by a trenched line if such a setup is required.

The beauty of EquiSafe®, aside from its utility and durability, is that it has been tried and tested for over 30 years throughout Europe, in all types of weather conditions. Founded in 1986, EquiSafe products have been proven in real world scenarios time and time again, in some of the harshest of climates in the world. It’s for this reason that we offer a 30 year product warranty against pretty much everything from cracking, to splintering, breaking, sagging, and color fade.

Our #1 goals are a healthy horse, a healthy environment, and delivering a long lasting, maintenance free product to all horse lovers. Aside from being the most advanced equestrian fencing option on the market, we also try to be very affordable. Our most popular product, our black 3-rail system, starts at just $8.50ft for the product, with discounts given for larger orders. This price is unrivaled by any three board style fence on the market. Our trained technitions can installation your EquiSafe® fence as well, to ensure that your product is operating to the best of its ability from day one. Many other companies will not offer installaiton. They'd rather sell you a product, and be on their way. That is not the case with us. That is the EquiSafe® difference.


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The secret to safety is in our design


Allow horsing around in the pasture with our proprietary embedded hot-wire system. Keep your horses safe from unsightly and harmful wires, while protecting your facility with additional security measures.


EquiSafe offers various options that fit every facility and budget. Utilize our elite mapping tool and rest assured that EquiSafe will work within your project scope. Schematics will be discussed during your complimentary consultation.


Our exclusive LED Lighting System adds ambiance and security to your facility, promising illumination for over 50,000 hours. Light the night with EquiSafe and know your horses are safe during night turnout.

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